How do I order?

Step 1

Decide the yard signs. You can choose from Storks Yard Signs (Pink or Blue), Star Yard Signs, Dog Bones, Cat Signs

Step 2

Be prepared with the information. We would need the baby’s details – For Birth Announcements Signs (Storks )- baby’s first and middle name, date of birth, weight, and length, and details about other signs (Stars, Dog Bones, and Cat Signs) – Message on each Sign. We would also need your details and the recipient’s details like Names, Addresses, and Contact information.

Step 3

Fill out the form here, call us, text us at 214-686-5187 or send us an email at katelyn@sweetsouthernstorksoftyler.com

Once you have sent us the details, you will receive an invoice and will pay through the link provided (operated through square). We accept all major credit cards through Square. We require all payments before installation.


Q: Which places do you install the birth announcement stork signs?

We install signs in yards with topsoil or grass. It is difficult to install in yards that are heavily landscaped – those with rocks,  pea gravel, concrete or mulch. We also do not install in flower beds, raised beds, garden pots, thick landscaping, or hard-packed soil used as a driveway.

We do not install our signs in non-residential areas or in front of city, county, or state-owned buildings, utility boxes, water mains or other structures. We cannot block access to these areas or we may be fined and/or our yard signs removed for blocking these areas.

Q: Can I reserve the stork before the baby arrives?

We do not reserve newborn storks in advance due to the unpredictability of a baby’s arrival. If you are interested, please reach out with the estimated date of the baby’s arrival and the signs you are interested in. This will help us be prepared near your due date, Once your baby has arrived, send us a text with information/stats so we can prepare your new baby stork sign and install it in your yard. We will do our best to have your sign completed and dropped off for you within 48 hours. We try our best to install the sign(s) before the new baby and mom arrive home but we cannot guarantee it.

Q: Can I reserve the stork for events?

We do reserve storks for baby showers and sip and sees.

Q: How much are the personalized star yard signs for siblings and the pet signs for dogs and cats?

We charge $25 for each of the personalized sibling or pet signs. These signs are left behind as keepsakes for the family.

Q: How far do you deliver? Can you install it on a commercial property?

We serve the Greater Tyler area including Smith County – Bullard, Arp, Hideaway, Lindale, New Chapel Hill, Noonday, Overton, Troup, Tyler, Whitehouse, Antioch, Bascom, Browning, Carroll, Copeland, Flint, Gresham, Mount Sylvan, New Harmony, New Hope, Omen, Owentown, Teaselville, Thedford, Walnut Grove, Henderson County – Brownsboro, Berryville, Caney City, Coffee City, Poynor

We do not install signs in commercial apartment complexes, condos, or commercial buildings. We install yard signs in townhouses even with smaller lawns or yards for homeowners or tenants to use.

Q: What’s the duration of the Stork rental?

Out Stork yard signs for birth announcements are rented out for a week. We leave behind personalized bundles, star or pet signs when we come to pick up the stork signs. Our STork SIgns can be rented for a day for events like Baby Showers and Sip & Sees.

Q: What is the cost of a Stork Sign Rental for a birth announcement? Are there additional costs for delivery?

Our welcome home baby yard signs can be rented for $90. We offer free delivery within 20 miles. An additional $10 delivery fee is charged for 21-25 miles.

Q: Can proud grandparents order their own stork?

Grandparents would love to announce this milestone of a new grandbaby in their lives with their neighbors and friends too and what better way to say it than with our large 6ft baby stork signs? Grandparents can rent our unique storks in pink or blue which comes with a personalized bundle with details about their grandchild.

Q: Can I order more than one storks for twins, triplets, etc?

Yes, you can order more than one stork. We typically install one stork per baby. 

 Q: Where will you place the new baby sign in the yard?

We pick a spot to install the sign which is great for visibility from the road and is also great for photos. If you would like us to set it up in a particular spot, please let us know. We will try but on occasions, we are not able to set it up at your desired spot due to street roots or sprinklers, or heavy landscaping. In that case, we will use our best judgment to pick a different spot.

 Q: How do you accept payment?

Once you have sent us the details, you will receive an invoice and will pay through the link provided (operated through square). We accept all major credit cards through Square. We accept all payments before installation.

Q: Can I get a refund?

We give a refund if there is an extreme weather condition that prevents us from installing your sign. We will try to get your sign as soon as the weather clears up

We do not give a refund if

  • If it’s a gated community and the gate code you provided doesn’t work.
  • We are denied entry by the security guard. We will try to get in touch with the homeowners but we will not wait for more than 10 minutes.
  • The homeowner forbids us to set up the sign or requests us to pick up the sign early.
  • A pet threatens us while we try and set up the sign
  • If there is no yard space to set up the sign. We cannot set up the sign in rocks, pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, raised beds, garden pots, thick landscaping, or hard-packed soil that has been used as a driveway.  To install the sig, we need to stake the sign 10 inches which is not possible in these situations.